They Like English More Than Bahasa

         Finally, there has been my students’ exam results. Most of them have score above 90 for all subjects. I am certainly happy and proud of their achievements. But, there is something bothering me. I see the result of English lesson is much better than bahasa whereas bahasa is their mother tongue. Some of them admit that English lesson more interesting than bahasa lesson. There are 26 students in my class. Two students get  score 88 and 86, three students  get score 100 and the rest of them get score about 90 in English lesson. In bahasa lesson,  nobody gets score 100, seven students get score about 80, the rest of them get score about 90.nilai bahasa1nilai bahasa2

 Mostly my friends face the problem as the same as mine. When their children must do bahasa exams, they are unconscious.. Some of them deny to study at the night before the exams. Why aren’t they interested to learn bahasa? As a teacher who teach both of those subjects, I’m worried about it…

      All students will take bahasa lesson as a part of national examinations.  Obviously they are Indonesian, how come they unlike Bahasa lesson? It’ll be a huge duty for me  making my students to like Bahasa lesson as much as they like English lesson. More creative to do model of learning so my students will enthusiasm learning Bahasa lesson. I will often use the media in language learning and sharpen their ability to speak through simple dialogue as related to the topic. Speech is the main capital in language lessons.

       Keep trying! Never give up! I’ll do my best for good…


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