Like Oase In The Desert

teacher and students

student loves teacher

This week is the week of my students’ semester test. We’re busy. Some of my friends served as a committee the semester test who always ensure the circumstances of students while the test should be good.

     Today I get a very unpleasant incident from my colleague who served as committee. I was accused of eliminating students’ answer sheets of a class that I watched. She insisted the number of students from the class that I supervised is twenty-seven, while the amount collected by me less.   I  was humiliated in front of people because she sure if I’m wrong.

     I directly go to the homeroom teacher of that class and confirm the actual number of students in that class. Turns out I’m right! I try to hold back my pain with silence. I am fed up with her arrogance and rudeness attitude. She knows that she has wrong but no apologize at all. I have lost my appetite but I have to accompany my students for lunch.

     My students were cheerful and their innocent make me calm and comforted. Moreover, when I’m walking to my class after having lunch, one of my little students suddenly hug and kiss my cheeks. I’m  touched… Like oase in the desert… The affection of my students melt away my sorrow and annoyance. They are obviously a source of strength in the work…


One comment on “Like Oase In The Desert

  1. Mustacchio berkata:

    Only teacher can feel it 🙂

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