Grateful Being A Teacher

       My students in elementary school the second grade are my little angels who often cheer me up. Eager to learn of my students has made me  happily for  sharing knowledge on them,   even though  I’m tired.       See the result of  their test   has made me grateful  and  lost my tired. Some of my students often make me smile and laugh.

        One day, a boy names Alif asked me, “Ms. Dewi, do you have a car?” I said , “No, dear. Why?” He told me that he has three cars and he’s willing to give me one. Subhanallah…   Thank to God  has given me a nice student like him. Even though  I realize that his said is impossible happen right now, but I’m very touched for his kindness. “Amen,” I said to him and flatter his hair.
Another day, a little girl, Nana told me that her cat married in the holiday. Then I tempted her by asking “Why didn’t you invite me?” She answered seriously “I am sorry, Mam. Because the wedding was not holy” Ha ha ha… I laughed out and hug her. “I’m not angry, dear. Just be a good nanny for your cat, okay?” She smiled happily.with students

Thank to God for my destiny being a teacher. I realize that teaching is my passion. Not only because of must share my knowledge and sharpen my skill each day, but also feel useful and happy being around my children.


2 comments on “Grateful Being A Teacher

  1. ridergoku berkata:

    Wish you always happy in your job

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