About The Development of Genetic Engineering On Human

Refers to the news on Republika ( Friday, Oct.5, 2012 ) that the incidence of couples who determine the sex of fetus. Advances in medical science nowadays is able     to help couples who want to have children according to gender booked. Actually not only sex, but also the caracteristics and personality traits of babies can be set by scientists.

I strongly believe that technology can help people in many ways. We are grateful that nowadays the fertility specialists have been helping couples who have difficulties conceiving in a natural course to mix eggs and sperms outside the womb.

“Findings received responses”. Some people deny the progress about reproductive technology. Especially for Moeslims,  is it allowed an attempt to get a baby with the gender or characteristic or personality traits expectations?  Is it not forbidden by religion?

According to opinion from Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah al-Muslih that no prohibition in islam for determining the sex of fetus. Basic argument is there are no strong arguments that banning sex determination methods.

While others who don’t agree it determines the sex of fetus, the couples should’t be done with the help of any method.  We must remember that the determination of sex,  characteristics, and personality traits are God’s will. That equals the effort to change the creation of God and deny the destiny.  The deed must be highly reprehensible and forbidden.

In my opinion, it’s better if the government interfere in the development of genetic engineering on humans. Base on reason that  nobody can regard as God. On the other hand, we must think about the risk of failure, who will guarantee the program always successful or who will take responsibility if the effort failed. So, the government should prepare the regulation.


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