How Smart My Students Are…

As usual, I asked my students in the opening “Class 2 Fatimah, can we start to study English now?”

Most of the students answered my question correctly, “Yes, we can”  But three or four students who didn’t pay attention attentively, “Yes, I’m ready…”  No match with my question.

I repeated my question louder. Thank God, they all answered it correctly. After reciting Basmallah together, I reminded them of vocabulary and making sentences about “Clothes” with Verb+ing. One by one must able to write each word of vocabularies. I pronounced the words clearly.  They went to front of the class and wrote it on the whiteboard. Only two students made mistakes.

Then, I asked my students, one by one, the interrogative sentence with using wearing and some kinds of clothes. All of them answered my questions correctly. Finally I gave them task in written. They wrote down three kinds of clothes on their books, drew and color, then made three simple sentences below each picture they made. I could see they’re so enthusiasm and did good job in less 15 minutes. Nobody made mistakes. Alhamdulillah… I’m grateful for today… They’re really my smart students….


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