It’s More Important To Be Nice

        As we know, Indonesia  as  a developing country  has lots of problems. There are so many criminalities, disasters, and  political conflicts. The worst,  many criminals  like the corruptors come from educated people. They have both good education background and good career. They never satisfied with they are already get.  On the other hand, the poor people, human right abuse, and disaster’s victim increased.

     According to those incidents, I think  Indonesia needs more philanthropist rather than well-educated   and  smart politicians. We  need  someone  who  devotes  the time, money, and efforts towards helping others.

        Considering,  philantrophy  in Indonesia  covers  education,  rehabilitation, recovery, and  empowerment.

Education philantrophy   through  foster-parenting, and scholarship to young people who get academic excellence

Rehabilitation philantrophy  is provided  by many state-owned / private-owned  to offer treatment for children with physical and learning disabilities, drug addict.

Recovery philantrophy  through help the victims of catastrophes (  a natural disasters    and  political  conflict )  and destruction of infrastructures

Empowerment philantrophy  through protect & prevent women and children from violence,    exploitation, and abuse. ( KOMNAS HAM focus on securing the rights, protection, also future women and children )

        I  prefer  to  take an interest in  education’s problem.  Many children can’t continue their  studies  so educational  philanthropy through foster- parenting  to make the children through  school  when their  parents  can’t  afford it.  Indonesia  must  have  many  young generations who responsible the betterment of this country.


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