A Note About Success

      Most parents want their children to have high education. They say that having high education or go to the college will enable young people easier to have better job or have brighter future.  Is that so?

     In developing countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, studying at the university cost a lot of money or  very expensive.  Only  those  who come from  rich families  can study  at the university.  IS HAVING COLLEGE DEGREEA GUARANTEE TO SUCCESS?

     Wish we have time to conduct a research,  we will find out that lots of entrepreneurs  do not have college background. How can they be successful and rich?

      In my opinion, success  does not  belong to  college graduates only.  Success is patience, persistence, and sometimes need us to be creatif.  If we have those qualities, success will be in our hand.

      When  are  people considered successful?  Most people  associate  success  with  wealth and ranks. Richer someone is more successful or  higher someone’s rank is more successful.

       In big cities where unemployment is widespread, success means having a steady job as government employee  or  private  employee   with   good  salary.  A senior  high  graduate  who  has  a steady  job, a motorcycle,  and a  house  can also  be said  to be successful.   Considering the fact that many offices or companies only those who have academy degree are accepted to work.

       Success can not be defined precisely. But the definition of success depends on who will define it. Everybody has his/her own definition.  For me, success can make my own dreams coming true. Being a writer and a useful one for people, then enable travel all around the world, and certainly have a happy family. How beautiful life is….


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