Learning By Doing Is The Best Method For Me

         Which  one is the best method for people, learning by reading about things, learning by listening to people’s talk about things or  learning by doing things? I   believe  that  learning  by  doing  things  is  better  than  by  reading  and  by listening to people’s talk. But I won’t deny that I also need reading first to know things or  listening  attentively  to people’s talk  before  doing  things.   I prefer learning by doing  because  based on my personal experiences that  I still can’t  make it,  if  I only learn  from  reading  or  listening to  people’s talk.

          According to my opinion, learning by doing as a part of  a training or orientation process and is closely associated  with the practical experience, so learning by doing is an experiential learning.  Sometimes, I need  someone who helps me to correct my mistakes because it often happens under supervision. I think, there are, at least, three reasons why learning by doing things is the best method for me, i.e. it can make me remember the lesson easily,  it can boost my self-confidence, and it can help me to get success in learning.

           Firstly,  as I said that learning by doing or experiential learning is learning from experience.   When  I  get an information  from books  or  listen to people’s talk about things attentively,  I must practice regularly so that I can remember it. For example,  when I read a book about  “How to Speak English Fluently” ,  I must  speak and  practice every word  I have read or heard right away to know how much the words or the sentences I remember.  I won’t know  the progress of  my English skill  unless I keep practicing  my lesson in written and orally. Sometimes, I record my voice  on a tape, then I reply it again to reminds me.  I must be willing to be actively involved in the experience and be able to reflecton experience. Without reflecting upon this experience, it may quickly be forgotten or its learning potential lost.  If I have someone who corrects  my mistakes,  she/he  can help me to improve my English skill.  Another  example is when I read about “How to Bake Cakes or Cookies”  from magazine and literature or when I watch television about cooking program or when I hear people’s talk  about some  recipes I can’t remember  the lesson  I  have got  if  I don’t practice it so I learn by practicing and repeating the movements.

          Secondly,  learning by doing or  experiential learning requires qualities, such as self-initiative and self-evaluation.  It actually  isn’t enough  just to do and neither it is enough just to think, but  it involve links between the doing and the thinking. When  I  have  ability to do things, I  feel  more  confident  than before.  For example, I can  communicate  English well,  not only with my friends and relatives,  but  also with foreigners.  I can have new friends from different countries by e-mail. I encourage myself  to communicate  with them because I believe that I have a skill and knowledge.  When the communication is going smoothly, it boost my self-confidence.  Another  example  is   when   I  learn  about  making  cakes  and  cookies,  I  must practice  my  lesson right away  to know  how  about  baking cakes or cookies of what I have read or what I have listened.  I can’t  prove  to  myself   that  I am  able  to  make  cakes  or  cookies without  act.  Being  active in learning  and  focus on  my  own ability.   If   the result  is not  satisfying,   I  continually  do  it  again  and  again  until  I  get what  I want.  When I make it, I feel confident  that I have ability to make cakes and cookies.  According  to  David A. Kolb,  an  American  educational  theorist,    that “ knowledge  is continuously gained through with personal and environmental experiences”

           Thirdly, learning by doing or experiential learning to be truly effective, it should employ the whole learning wheel from goal setting to experimenting, so that  it can help me to get success. For example, when I can prove that I am able to communicate English well,  I have ambition to be an English teacher, then I can  earn money from my ability of  English skill. On the other hand,   I have side job with selling cakes and cookies, especially in Ramadhan. I often get orders cakes and cookies in various kinds and flavors  from my friends and relatives so I  think,  I  get an achievement.  More than that,  if I can share my knowledge  and  ability  to other people,  I feel grateful  with my  achievement. It certainly makes me to get success because of my learning.

           In my conclusion,  learning by doing is a highly effective educational method for me.  It is the process of  to make meaning from direct experience so I learn from my experiences.  I learn the best  by do  things  because it can remember  the lesson  easily,  it can boost my self-confidence,  and it can help me to get success in learning.  I have proven it!  That is why I prefer learning by doing is the best method for me.  If you are confused how to get success in learning, why don’t you try my method?  You can do as much as I do.


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