Indonesian Labors Demanded

            On Wednesday, October 3, 2012… The labors in Indonesia demonstrated against the regulation about outsourcing. They go down to the street and make the traffic jams on some highways. Fortunately, their action took place peacefully and orderly. Most of them do the action in the area of their respective companies. No closing highways and public facilities.

            Labour DemandedThe outsourcing means the labors work is determined by short times and without benefits. Mostly they work as the labors at the factories. Some of them work as manual labors.

           On the other hand, the government thinks that the regulation can invite easily much investors from out of countries. As we know, Indonesian workers can be paid with low salary.  The regulation has inflicted the laborers so they demand the prosperity. The government represented by the Minister of Manpower should interfere, do negotiation with the investors, and give the labors  more prosperous life. The demonstration of ongoing labors could badly affect the investment climate in Indonesia.

            Every person in this country deserves a decent life. The employers should not be selfish. The labors has worked hard to provide benefits for the company. But only some of the employers are willing to think of the welfare of their workers.  Do all workers have the health insurance and the old-age insurance?   Especially the health insurance should definitely be implemented from the date of January 1, 2014.

                How important the synergy among the workers, the employers, and the government and I suggest it would be better if the labors sharpen their skill so they  will have a reasonably comfortable life.  The government should give the labors knowledge and skills according to their talents without they having to pay because make intelligent people is the government’s responsibility.  I hardly believe that intelegent and skilled workers will raise national pride! How important the synergy among the workers, the employers, and the government.  All people required to make this country better in the eyes of the international.


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