Mastering English For Indonesians

Looking  into the fact that most companies,  especially in big city like Jakarta,   offering  job vacancy to people   who have English skill  are very important.  As we know, there are many foreign companies that are investing in Indonesia because our country has lots of natural resources.  It certainly helps Indonesians  to get opportunity to have job in foreign companies.  I believe that  mastering  English can  help  Indonesians  have  a better  future. In my opinion,  there are,  at least three advantages of Mastering English, i.e. :

Firstly,  helping Indonesians  who have a  willingness  to study abroad.  When we study in foreign country, we must able to speak English well. Most literatures are written in English.  To communicate with people  from different countries in English.  We and the lecturers communicate each other in English.  Then,  after finishing  the study,  we return to our country with higher skill, more confidence, and have more experiences than people who study here.

Secondly,  helping  Indonesians  get job easily.  Actually, not only  foreign companies  need employees who able to speak English well, but also all big local companies need it.  Especially,  if we want  a good position in the company,  we must  workhard  and  have  a willingness  to improve  our  English skill.  Having career  as  a lawyer,  for example,  must  have English skill  to make the business regulation.  Having  good career  must be  followed  with  good salary.   It is not surprising  when  we make  a business with foreigners,  we will be paid in dollar.

Thirdly,  helping Indonesians  have more friends  from  different countries.  We  can communicate  easily  with  foreign people.  We  can share  information about our culture or events.  So, we  can  come  to realize  that  we  have  more ability to get success in our future.   For xample,  we  make friends  with  an Australian girl, then she invites us to her country  for  holiday.

So, in conclusion  that mastering English can help us as Indonesians have a better future.  There  are three advantages  of  mastering English i.e.  studying abroad, getting  job easily,  and  making  friends  with people  from  different country.  I suggest,  it would be better if  we have  realization  that  mastering English for Indonesians  can make  better future,  so we must  workhard  and keep improving  our skills.  Who struggle, will be successful,  I hardly believe that….


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