Negative Impacts of Television to Children

         As we know, nowadays television has been part of our need and  has influenced our view of life. Television is not only for entertainment, but also for information and education.  Especially  for  children, they  need  television  to watch some  entertainment programs like cartoon, soup opera, or comedy show. Most parents let their children watch television on and on because they think it is better than their children going out of home. They don’t consider about the impact of  television to their children. Parents forget that children don’t have ability to filter the good and the bad. Instead, they aren’t able to tell which picture make sense and which do not.  In my opinion, television has more negative impacts than positive impacts to children There are  at least,  three reasons  why television has many negative impacts to children, i.e.:

         FIRSTLY,  watching too much television make children addicted to it. When they love one program, for example, the comedy show “Opera van Java”, they will keep to remember it  in  whatever they do and wherever they go.  They can become  in red  when  someone reminds them to eat or study. The worst, they try to imitate their favorite film star’s action, whereas in fact the actors like  throwing to one another.

         SECONDLY,  watching too much television make children unassociated.  They prefer sitting or laying on the sofa to watch their favorite program to playing or hanging out with friends. They paid no attention to what anyone said.  When  they watch television and keep eating snack, they will have some diseases like diabetes or obesities.

          THIRDLY,  watching  too much  television  make  children  lazy  and  ignore  their homework.  They forget to their main obligation as students.  Then,  when  they face the examination, they failed.

           So,  in my conclusion,  parents  don’t  let  children  watch television alone because they  don’t have ability  to filter  the good and the bad.  There are  three negative impacts of television to children such as, children become addicted, unassociated, and lazy to do their homework or study for examination.


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