Love… love… love…. The world seems heaven if someone in love.  Two people in love then they decide to get married, it certainly perfect!  But, how  about the spouses come from two nationalities, two races, two religion, two cultures, in short, two people coming from totally different background… how would the marriage succeed?

As we know, most marriages will be problems, let alone an intermarriage, there will likely be greater problems. Especially an interfaith marriage that different religious faiths between the spouses with each of them strongly hold on to their own faith may be a cause of serious conflict. When their children grow up and start to question their parents religious differences, the answer must reasonable and be accepted by them.

Other problem that may arise is cultural traditions. Each of us grows up in and is influenced by the culture of community or the family background.  For instance, an Asian woman gets married with an American man may be completely unaware of habits and customs that they bring with them.  When a woman gets visitors from her family without notification before, a man feels reluctance because western cultures consider family to consist of husband, wife, and children. On the other hand,  eastern cultures consider husband, wife, children, and extended family of  both the husband and the wife as family.

No wonder,  intermarried couples face more internal difficulties, conflicts, and sometimes social sanctions in their surroundings than other couples.  However,  success intermarriage depends on the two people involved.  Their love for one another is the most important of all.  The spouse must have ability to exist together without conflicts and understand of the situation in which they choose spending their life together.

 Anyway, I hopefully all marriage can  succeed with awareness the  purpose of marriage.  Have a good marriage….


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